Forensics Technology & Crime Scene Management For The Global Forensic Investigation Community.

Ballistics – Fingerprinting – DNA – Forensics Laboratory – E-forensics – Trace Evidence – Forensicologies

A review of forensics technology and crime scene management equipment and services available to forensics investigation teams worldwide. The Forensic Technology Review (FTR) provides a useful, free, reader friendly source of reference for those working at crime scenes and with forensics technology in a laboratory environment. It differs from most other forensic media in it’s article format – detailed, informative yet succinct, more than a press release, less than a full scientific paper. We tend not to cover forensics news or events. The FTR’s content stays online permanently. We do not charge a subscription and issues are free to access with an easy reader response system.


Forensic Technology and Crime Scene Management


Forensic Technology & Crime Scene Management issue 2

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Reader Friendly Format

The Forensic Technology Review uses our proven online magazine software which not only gives its commercial participants more promotional options but also gives readers a far more interactive experience and faster response mechanism. In these environmentally conscious times our online magazines are also very ‘green’ with no paper, printing, packaging or postage. Online magazines also have the ability to be shared with an unlimited number of colleagues at the touch of a button. Like all our magazines The Forensic Technology Review is specifically designed to be read easily online and incorporates movies and email and website links. It has bookmark, search, tell a friend and thumbnail options.

Distribution and readership

The Forensic Technology Review is marketed to relevant law enforcement agencies and members of relevant forensic investigation associations worldwide. This activity is primarily focused in Europe, Asia and Australasia and North America. Subjects covered include ballistics, fingerprinting, DNA and trace evidence, digital/computer forensics, forensic odontology, entomology, anthropology, geology, and toxicology. The issue includes a mixture of articles, case studies, interviews, forensics technology profiles and reports.

No Subscription costs – free to read

The Forensic Technology Review will always be completely free to access with no subscription costs. In our experience this ensures that the magazine is widely read within all relevant departments. One of the greatest benefits of our magazine format is the ease with which its content can be shared with colleagues.